“Childhood Nostalgia Meets Overlapping Dreams of a Barely Adulting Adult


“Childhood Nostalgia Meets
Overlapping Dreams of a Barely Adulting Adult”


August 25th– September 4th)

feels weird. The years of pinning to leave home has finally culminated to this
moment.As a passenger on my continuing flight I can’t help but think about
everything that has led me to this moment. It has me questioning my past
ineptitude which led me to hating a place like “Port Saint Lucie.” Before I
found a community through friends, family, and volunteering I never saw this
suburban community as a place where hopes and dreams are made, but solely as a
place I wanted to leave.

I am no longer a kid who wants to
stick to their safety net because I know that I am anxious to get out. I am
anxious to find a part of myself I felt I’ve lost in the recent years through
work and school. I am scared to also not find that part of myself. I feel
reckless leaving the comfort of my home. But I also feel ready to grow and at
the stupendous age of 18, I hope you understand that my journey to India is

Sincerely, Danielle ( Or Princess which
is my childhood name)

P.S. Here are some pictures from my
going away party.

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