cause some nights you just dance with tears in your eyes

I’d like to say that I have a pretty good memory. I remember the first day of 7th grade, I remember the first day I started temple and how I HATED it so much I ended up quitting and I remember the love that blanketed me when I decided to return 2 yrs later. Tbh I probably only remember these memories because of the people who are in them. Junior high was abysmal!!!!!!!! High school was a little better. I made more friends and lost quite a few. You’d be happy to hear that I came out of that mess with a handful of friends who I cherish very much. Temple on the other hand has always have my heart. The friends I’ve made through that have stuck by me for 10 yrs + and I’d be lying if I said they weren’t the most wholesome people. They accepted me with open arms and loving hearts. Even when I felt disconnected after leaving, they somehow still incorporated me into everything and made me feel belonged. ATM I feel content with the friends I have in my life.  Every song sang in the car, every spontaneous eating adventures, every dance party in a random bedroom, every late night car rides and talks will be ETCHED into my brain. I never really liked that initial moment where you had to introduce yourself to someone and having to build that friendship and then for it to go wrong and then having to start over. So to kinda get rid of that, HI HELLO! If we’ve never met before, here are 6 basic facts about me.

1. I love watching/analyzing films. From Wes Anderson to Tarantino, if you ever want to meet up, FaceTime, Skype, ooVoo etc. to watch a film together, HIT ME UP. I’d be more than glad to clear my schedule to watch a great film with someone. One of my favorite YouTube channels is Lessons Behind the Screenplay. I love watching people analyzing how the mise en scene reflects the character’s moods or how body language is EVERYTHING. This is probably where my love for creating videos stemmed from and the reason I have insomnia. love.

2. I’m soft. I probably cry once or twice a week. Either because of something I’ve watch (it’s mostly because of this) or because of what someone said. I remember the condescending comments I got when I announced I was deferring college a year. I’m very proud of myself now but I still question if I’m making the right decision. It took me a long time but I’m more confident in myself and my future now because I’m


It’s not for anyone else. Everyone else is just strapped in for the ride. This insecurity has made me lose a lot of tears these past few months but it’s a process I’m excited for. Also Brendon Urie’s vocals. bawling.

3. My heart belongs to One Direction. I wholeheartedly believe that one day. ONE DAY. One Direction will reunite and they’ll release a new album that we deserve.

4. My favorite color is yellow. From sunflowers to macaroni. Yellow is beautiful. It took me a long time to accept it but it just is.

5.  Reading is chicken soup for my soul. Books have always been an important part of my life. Nothing better than hearing the rain tap against my window as I’m under my covers reading an epic story.

6.  Harry Potter. Nothing gives me chills more than the moment when Harry revealed himself from the invisibility cloak to confront Voldemort in the 7th book. Or when they’re  circling each other, moments away from the ultimate end. ACTUAL CHILLS.

Once you’ve unlocked Level 8 friend, then you’ll see me sing every lyric to Spongebob’s “Without You”. It’s beautiful. I’m excited to experience new things and make new friends this year :))).

and to all my lovely friends who are reading this, I miss you all v much. I’ll be back better than ever next year but for right now we can spend these last couple days singing love songs in the car together and dance with tears in our eyes. See you all soon.