Carnival in Cuenca Ecuador 2017

February 23, 2017, A little update on Carnival. In The central square of Cuenca, many Ecuadorian friends and families gathered to Celebrate. Many had a can of party foam, and a gleeful smile that only meant trouble. There was a band playing, people covered in foam and the firemen spraying the crowd with water. It was like all of a sudden some tension was released from my shoulders, and I eagerly took part in the massive foam fight. Strangers saw me as their own, and I smiled at people I didn’t know. At one point I was targeted but this family, the two Ecuadorian girls would not leave me alone! by the end, I was covered. It was a turning point for me, to see that Cuenca had unknowingly became some home for me. Being in Ecuador for about five months can be tough, but ohhh it was so worth it.

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