Carnaval do Uruguai, Salvador (Video)

Mary Kate Mueller - Brazil

February 26, 2013

I go to the lower-city Salvador neighborhood of Uruguai at least three times a week.  Lately, I’ve been meeting really interesting people to interview, and these interviews are forming a larger project I’m working on:  Women in the Workplace.  Interviews give a person’s story or history that would go otherwise unheard a chance to resurface.  I’ve been hearing about such fascinating lives with stories I would never hear otherwise.

I go to Uruguai to teach English, as well.  My students’ ages range from 14-40.

This video is about  a Carnaval parade tradition in the neighborhood.  Despite the extremely strong sun, a lot of people from the community came out to participate.  Enjoy the video!







Photos from the day here!

Mary Kate Mueller