Capstone Reflection

For my capstone project, I went back to an my choir group, that I was apart of through middle school and high school, to share my experiences and what I am doing now. It was a bit strange at first, walking into the room full of my old choir members, who I used to spend every week with and during the summer, months when we would travel together. The choir is called the Boston City Singers Tour Choir, and we would rehearse twice a week and have concerts during the year, and during the summers we would go on tour to another country. We would sing with local choirs, stay with host families for some time, and have numerous performances. 

Right before I gave my presentation, I was reflecting on some of my past experiences with the choir. I was thinking about our South Africa tour last year, and the one to Costa Rica two years before. And I think it was on those tours that I realized my passion for learning more about different cultures and languages. Staying with that host family in Costa Rica in a small town in the cloud forest, I realized that this — moving to a new place for a full immersion experience — I was able to do, and wanted to do. And this new spark of passion and longing for experiences that would never be fulfilled at home is what led me to Global Citizen Year. So this was the perfect group to speak in front of for me, because maybe I too could take these newly realized passions and direct them to an organization that could fulfill their wants. Because like me, they had already realized there is so much to learn and the only way to do so is to step out of your comfort zone and experience something so different that what you have known. 
As you can imagine, the presentation went well and my past choir members were fascinated and engaged in my presentation. I hope that I have let them know about an opportunity that, like me, could take a little bit of excitement and passion about something and turn it into one of the best and most fulfilling experiences of my life so far.