Capstone Project Reflection- GCY Requirement

Hello lovely human beings, 

It's me again. One last time I promise. 
About a month ago, I returned to UWC Robert Bosch, Germany. This is where I studied previously, before choosing to embark on one of the most challenging experiences to date. I was joined by my fellow classmate, roomie, and friend Soph Schonach,who spent her year in Senegal. Together we decided that for our Capstone Project we would hold a 'Q&A' session with current students at UWC Robert Bosch that had either, applied and been accepted, or were considering applying to GCY. We chose to do this, as there were many questions we had leading up to our departure that were either general or country specific – we had an advantage here as there was two of us from two different countries. 
During the car ride to Freiburg we discussed many similarities between what we experienced in India and Senegal; religious beliefs and how they play a role in everyday life, bucket showers, eating with your RIGHT hand, concerns about government stability and reliability, communal sharing… And we also discussed many difference between the two; languages, food, education system, foreigners in country and how they are perceived and treated… We decided it'd be best to discuss these before the Q&A session took place, as it would provide others with an insight about India and Senegal, but also how much you learn in country with GCY specifically due to the Host Family aspect they provide. Living in Germany for two years, at an international boarding school vs. Living in India with a local host family, I can say with confidence that I experienced much more of a cultural immersion during my one year in India. Which was one of the many "pros" we stressed during the Q&A session. 
Other than that we shared out our contact information, for any students that had questions come up later for them. In general, I think this to be a good way to spread the word about this program in particular within our own UWC community. 
Much love, and thanks GCY!