C is for Calor

I was incredibly excited to go to the monthly meeting. Naturally, seeing all the Fellows that I had not been able to contact and to hear about their apprenticeships was a highlight, but the thing that I looked forward to having the chance to take a shower.

After having previously been told that the shower was only cold, I decided that I did not care and was going to take a shower nonetheless. After all, the opportunity to be completely clean from head to toe was way too appealing to let the chance slip by for even a day. I took the risk in the cold water.

The water was freezing. As I put shampoo in my hair, I was actually contemplating whether or not bathing from a bucket was really so bad after all. As I was about to brace myself and just stand in the water for approximately two seconds to wash all the soap off, I noticed that one of the handles had a “C” on it and the other one- the one that was turned on, did not have any marking on it. And then it hit me: The “C” stood for “Calor” or “Hot”, not for “cold” as was previously thought! As quickly as I could I turned on the Calor water to see whether I was correct or not. To my immense enjoyment and pleasure hot water came out and I got to enjoy a delicious hot shower.