By the end of April

By the end of April I will be able to speak Hindi without feeling embarrassed about my accent. I will be another daughter and sister. By the end of April I will have another place to call my home.I will learn to appreciate my teachers who have done everything for me because I will have resonated with them. By the end of April I will have learned more about my community. My community will remember me as the funny, talkative, emphatic Mexican-American girl. By the end of April I will have expanded my network in a different country. I will reconnect with my family and have so many stories to share. By the end of April I will learn that although I was so far from them that doesn’t mean I didn’t hold them with me everyday.  By the end of April I will come home to the United States as me. People will notice that I am me just a better me. I will be more grateful, understanding, loving, serious, mature, warming, a fun to be around person. By the end of April I will have cried, laughed, loved, listened, talked,struggled, hit the panic zone, learn different perspectives, make connections, and be comfortable with vulnerability. I will have made an impact on the people that I met. By the end of April I will be myself still but I’ll just be who I really am meant to be. I will learn who is it that I really am. I will be a better version of myself.


I decided to share my vision for what I want my experience to look like after I’m done with my bridge year as my first blog because I wanted something unique. I said “I will” and not “I hope” because I strongly believe that by saying “I will do this” you have more control over it. By saying “I hope” you’re practically saying maybe I’ll do this. I have no time to waste here in India. I want to make the most of my time here. Everyday I’m learning something new about myself. Craving some alone time isn’t a bad thing. It’s nothing that you should feel guilty about. Sometimes it’s just nice to be alone and journal. Reflect on what’s going on around you what you see, smell, hear, taste. Obviously I have no idea what to except but what I do know is how I want it to look like. And that is something I have control over. I owe to myself to try news things and make sure I hold myself accountable to it.