Boutique Culture… Something like a bodega












A hispanic/spanish/latin mini-mart, (Most likely owned by a Dominican… I’m joking but we do have a strong presence in the bodega business within the US… We don’t own them all though… yet… 😉 ) kind of like a 7-11, but usually smaller (Not like a 7-11… Better) and more like a liquor store atmosphere (Ehh thats debatable Maybe in NY)  Commonly used term on the east coast, especially in the New York City region, (You see what I mean lol… again joking… have a sense of humor) where you will find many of these. The word came from the actual spanish word for “grocery store” – la bodega.

Example: Go to the corner bodega and get a couple of 40s. **More like “Go to the bodega and get some Doritos, an Arizona Ice Tea, and some “Chikle…” Oh and a Patelillo, hoagie and/or a cheese steak. Depends on the mood…”  
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