Ethan Gomes - Brazil

June 2, 2019


This was week one of Brazil during a pride parade. It was my first ever pride event and I saw this dude cruising around in a condom costume. Of course there was no other option except to score a picture with this dude. I executed the picture and even some random ass people joined in on the fun.

This was at another fellows apprenticeship. He asked some other fellows to make presentations about where they are from and present it in his class. He just failed to mention there would be like 70 damn people in this class! My ass got spooked when I saw how many people there was.


This a dog whom I do not know of the name of but with about 2 months left of my gap year this dog would start following me on my walk home from work everyday. She would always be on the same street getting her naps in and then she would come say hi to me and walk all the way to the end of the street with me. That dog was a sucker for attention and it always made my day seeing this beast.

Ethan Gomes