Blog Post #5

This last week has defiantly been my most active week so far. The weather
was perfect – not too hot, not too cold, so I got lots of biking in! It
allowed me to explore the area with a new found sense of independence.
Also, in one of my language classes, we learned a bunch of nitty gritty
grammar stuff. Now that I know the basics of verb conjugation, I feel so
much more comfortable piecing together a sentence in Portuguese. Whoop

My three photos:

This is my new friend Jayson. He taught me how to play a game called “Taco”
last week (the literal translation is stick). In exchange, I gave him a
Canada flag pin! #bilateraltradegoals

This is Pam and Marco.They are UWC alums who are also living in Garopaba
(we call ourselves the gringo-pabas).

This was taken at the entrance to a cute little beach. We played in the
waves for awhile, then later I built rock towers in the sunshine.
“Take your trash – the nature thanks.”

My three words:
Whale – baleia
Storm – temporal
Barbecue – churrasco

Thanks for reading!