Blog Post

Back again at my favorite place in Imbabura, this hotel/ resort serves as an oasis for me… even though I came here with my cohort I still feel a sense of peace that hasn’t been awoken before.  I’m sitting on a swing set overlooking mountains and next to me is what I think to be a cranberry tree , there’s a children’s playground and a constant fresh breezy that keeps my hair flowing in the wind and my spirit alive . I live for moments like these , I yearn for moments like these . Self reflection is important , in order for me to reach my fullest level of gratitude for where I am , what I am , and what I will be I have to stop . Put a pause on life and be firmly grounded in who I am so I never forget how far I’ve come . Right now in this moment I’m full of gratitude , I’m thankful for my view , for my support in myself and believing in myself , my family as crazy as they are and for being here … in this moment. As my birthday quickly approaching I keep thinking about these moments from my past that separates me from being a girl to a woman. I think about instances when I’ve had to grow up more quickly than others my age and how I envied my peers for their privileged lives but…. who cares I beyond that now , I’m doing exactly as I said I would do my junior yer in high school …. travel. And now I get to spend some of my best and worst moments in this new place I call home.