blog post 3

I wrote this as I reflected on my independent travel days in Pondicherry. It was refreshing to look at the sea, feel the sand on my feet, breath the salty wind.

As life goes on, we encounter many people. Some amazing, others not so much. We build relationships, ones that make us grow, others that are toxic. In the end, all are valuable for our personal growth.

I learned to only stick to the ones that give me energy rather than the ones that suck energy out of me. And I am grateful for this lesson.

Being in India, where it is socially acceptable to litter I became more aware of the damage we are doing to our planet. I became more conscious about the waste I produce as an Individual.

January 2019 – “Relationships are a gamble. You never know who you are diving into. When your curiosity is fulfilled, you will come back up. Then, you will either find shells or plastic. Be careful. You might find yourself stuck on a fishers thread or even suffocated by a straw. However, not similarly to fish, you have the ability to fight it. All you need is already within you. Next time, you´ll know better and you´ll swim away.”