Blog Post 1

Today is our last day at the Stanford campus (and coincidentally, the day this blog is due!). It's been a long week – meeting dozens of Fellows and speakers from all over, workshops and seminars on countless topics, and the fact that this is only the beginning of a long journey.
It's no secret that these next 8 months will be difficult. I'm nervous about many things: being away from home for so long, the language barrier, a problem with my homestay (wouldn't want a repeat of my Saigon plate-throwing incident!). However, I know that I will grow with each trial. I have an amazing support system, not only from Global Citizen Year and my fellows, but also with my family and friends. 
Being here prompts me reflect on previous programs I've had the privilege to partake in. While I'm not completely comfortable, and I will often be uncomfortable, I take solace in knowing that this experience is one that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. My friends (and experiences) from Vietnam, Students on Ice, and P-CREW have became a large part of my identity and remind me that this is doable. I look forward to having these bonds with my cohort and host family. I feel strange for saying this, but I look forward to the end of this year. I imagine how confident I'll be, how close I'll be with my cohort, all the new stories I will have. 
Thanks for reading!