Blog III

It’s really hard for me to sit here in front of my computer with a large white screen in front of me and try to put into words what my experience here is like. I learned in school that there are two types of experiences that circle around two types of happiness. The first is the most common, and it is what we normally use to express a happy moment, which is retrospective happiness. This is like me going to the beach and then thinking how cool it will be to tell all my friends back home about this super cool place. The second is momentary experience and the happiness that arises from that is often much more powerful. They are both necessary in order to process the countless series of events that we call life, but we often focus on the retrospective happiness because it is easier to express to others. 

     I sit here on my bed in my room in my new home in the north east of Floripa trying to convey my momentary experience into a retrospective one, so that I may share it with all of you. But the truth is I can’t, and that’s what makes this experience so wonderful, only I can truly ever feel the way I do right now at this very instant, but for the purpose of this assignment I will do my best….
     I am truly happy. In about two hours I’m going to go play soccer with some people from work, and then go out to have a cookout. Those are practically my two favorite things, and even though I’m a very outgoing person, do go out with a bunch of people that only speak Portuguese is a pretty big step out of my comfort zone. I am learning so quickly, and although I’d love to learn faster, I’m very grateful for all the progress I’ve made for far. I have to check myself all the time in every way; am I helping enough at home, and I being proactive at work, and I challenging myself enough, and all this while speaking Portuguese gets to be very exhausting. Next week we have our retreat and then it’s a holiday the rest of the week so it will be a very well needed break, but for now I feel pretty overwhelmed with all these activities and work and class. I hope I can get home early enough to see you guys, but I really love you all and am always hear for support or just to talk.