The last two years at UCW have taught me how important it is to strive for the best, to help others, to be the best version I could be. UWC is a place that made me live and feel, and then thrown me into the real world, without a guide on how to go through it. And so I’ve chosen Global Citizen Year to be my guide for the world. With this year I expect new experiences, adventures, and learnings. There are things that are not written on books and cannot be learnt in a classroom. There are things to learn in the classroom called life. 
In my luggage I’ve put some clothes but most of all the wish to learn and know more about myself and others. I’ve put my feelings and values which will help me through this life changing journey. I’ve put a dreamcatcher, because there are dreams that can be only dreamt and some others that become reality. And this has been and will be one of them. 
I’ve put a vegan cook-book, which I’ll use for cooking with my new family. And finally I’ve put my memories, because I will never forget what I’ve learnt and experienced so far. Memories can be hard to remember, but might also be a useful tool for improvement. 
And now, sat on a sofa in a house at Berkley downtown and with a cup of coffee, I wait for the next bus to Stanford. That will be the first step of my gap year. 
A mixture of feelings overwhelms me. 
I feel good. 
I feel alive.