Leaving Home
In exactly a week now I will boarding a plane for one heck of long flight all the way to Brazil. One thing I know for sure at this moment is that the stress is real. I mean in the past week I have been asked countless times if I'm nervous or freaked out and every time I just shrug my shoulders and act like it's going to be nothing. Honestly though I am so unbelievably nervous I mean straight up I am freaked out. It's a good thing to be nervous though, and plus I'd be kind of worried if I wasn't nervous about moving to a whole new continent for 8 months. I have no idea what to expect and I don't know if I'll come back different or even a little bit smarter. However I do know I'll come back from the experience of a lifetime with awesome stories and amazing new friends. Plus honestly 8 months isn't nothing, I'll be back in no time fam. Thank you to everyone that has been excited for me and that has supported me in this decision. I'll do my best to frequently post so you all can see what crazy Brazilian stuff I'm up to.