Blog 4: Salam Malekoum

Salam Malekoum

Mangi tudd Salka Fall (sama torondo Mauritania la dekk). Am naa fuki at ak jorom n ̃ent. Tivaouane laa dekk. Dafa tang ge ̈r! Janti bi dafa forte. Mangi n ̃ew a Se ́ne ́gal Septembre. Se ́ne ́gal laa dekk pour jorom beni wer yi. Americk laa joge wante sama Yaay mexique la joge. De ́egg naa anglaise ak espagnole. Legi, damay jang wolof ak francais. 

Sama jangalekat mungi tudd Pape. Mangi jang wolof ak jorom beni nit bu jiguen ci sama regional cohort. N ̃in ̃ooy sama xarit: Assa, Maguette, Ramatoulaye, Khady, Fatou Bintou, ak Fatou Bintou. Sunu team leader, Sam la tudd. Dafa sawar! Nungi tudd linguere yi.

Sama ke ̈r ci wetu Grand Mosque bi la nekk. Sama kon ̃ mungi tudd Fogny. Sama Yaay mungi tudd Bintou Aw. Takh nan ̃u se ̈yam ak xaritu maamam bu gor ci Dece ́mbre. Am naa beneen baay. Sama papa n ̃ewna a sunu ke ̈r pour le weekend bi, ndaxte am na beneen ke ̈r ci Dakar. Am naa n ̃ent rakk yu jiguen. N ̃in ̃ooy sama rakk bu jiguen: Bety, Awa, Marem, ak Maman. N ̃ungi japp ndaxte dan ̃uy jang lesson yi ci suba ak di dem cours du soir.

Danuy lekk mburu ak sauce pour ndekki be ̈s bu nekk. Dama be ̈gg domada ak ceeb bu jen (ak bisap) pour an ̃. Buma n ̃akee, dinaa naan bisap ak bouy.

Damay jangale anglaise ak Mr. Sambou Altine ak Alxames, 8h ba 10h. Damay n ̃aw Altine, Talata, Alxames, ak Ajuma ak “sunu baay” Babacar. Damay fo ̀tt Alarba ci suba. Damay noppalu Gawo ak Diber. Dama be ̈gg liir, jang, ak daje ak xarit yi.

Se ́ne ́gal dafa rafet, ci degg degg. Dama be ̈gg guise pi ́ic yi n ̃uy naw ci sama ci kow. Nit n ̃i am nan ̃u teranga ak jaam. Dama am tiis ndax mangi dem n ̃ibbi Gawo. Damay n ̃ewaat fii ci kanam, inshallah. Jere ̈jeen je ̈f!



My name is Salka Fall (my namesake lives in Mauritania). I am nineteen years old. I live in Tivaouane. It is very hot! The sun is strong. I came to Senegal in September. I have lived in Senegal for six months. I am from the United States, but my mother is from Mexico. I know English and Spanish. Right now, I am learning Wolof and French.

My teacher is named Pape. I learn Wolof with the six women in my regional cohort. My friends are Assa, Maguette, Ramatoulaye, Khady, Fatou Bintou, and Fatou Bintou. Our team leader is named Sam. She is hardworking! We are called the Queens/Noble Women.

My house is located near the Grand Mosque. My neighborhood is called Fogny. My mother is called Bintou Aw. She married her grandfather’s friend this December. I have a new father. My father comes to our house over the weekend, because he has another family in Dakar. I have four younger sisters. My sisters are Bety, Awa, Marem, and Maman. They are busy since they learn lessons in the mornings and go to evening classes. 

We eat baguettes with sauce for breakfast every day. I love domada and rice with fish (with Bisap) for lunch. When sweaty, I will drink bisap or bouy.


I teach English with Mr. Sambou on Mondays and Thursdays from 8am to 10am. I tailor Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with “our father” Babacar. I do my laundry on Wednesday mornings. I rest on Saturdays and Sundays. I enjoy reading, studying, and hanging out with friends.

Senegal is beautiful, really. I love watching the birds flying from my roof. The people are welcoming and at peace. I am sad I am going home this Saturday. I will return in the future, hopefully. Thank you everyone!



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