Blog 3

Blog 3 

My Day to Day

Everyday starts with a breakfast which includes a baguette with a surprise inside and a very hot cup of coffee. When ndekki is finished I walk around my house and greet everyone in my family that is up and going. After, I'm either on my way to work (10 steps from my door… literally) or my friend and I meet up to take a taxi to language class. No matter where I go I have to be back for lunch at 1:30! After aañ I help clean up and then everyone has rest time to SLEEP or to do anything they may choose. Around 5 everyone starts to gather together again to nelew some more and sit under the trees. I normally end up playing with the kids until they get yelled at to calm down. After feeling full all day from the very large amount of carbs, I'm called to eat more carbs; RICE! This meal is ndioganal and it's for the kids who may miss dinner since they go to bed earlier, but since I "don't eat enough" I'm always called to partake. When ndioganal na ba pare we go back to sitting around on our bassans in the sand until dinner is ready. Most of the time rer is only eaten by the women because the men are out and about. Apray rer, the sitting continues. This is the time of the day I look forward to the most! My older siblings all come home and we have the most interesting conversations in my broken wolof and their broken Spanish and English. We laugh a lot, we teach each other, we argue, and we drink (very hot) tea. 

For the days I am home in the morning I get to help cook aañ! This is very exciting for me because I never know what I'm going to be doing, where I will cut myself, and if I will lose a finger or not! In all seriousness, I love helping my sisters cook because we have a great time and they teach me what all of the ingredients are so I can make it by myself one day. 

Sundays are the days of "rest" when I hand wash my clothes with the help of my amazing sister. If there's not a little bit of blood involved then my clothes aren't clean. 

This is already a long blog and if I added all of the things I learn on a daily basis, it would be a book series.

 If you're reading this, I added some simple words I use daily in Wolof to make it a little more fun!