At the beggining of this year the letters UWC have been constantly floating
around, at Global Launch there was a massive confusion as to what this
mysterious and glorious organization was. Sounded too good to be true, a
sort of utopia, and also why had I never heard of it and had the chance to
A couple months in I finally had an understanding of what this school was
and what in meant for the students. I also realized my brother was in the
perfect age and position to apply.
The entire Indian cohort quickly became incredibly invested in the process
of his acceptance and personally excited every time he progressed in the
This energy of about 20 strangers rooting for him I truly believe was felt
across the world all the way back in the states. Through a long and tedious
process with much dreadful waiting, he has finally been accepted and will
attending UWC in New Mexico this fall!!
When he told me this news over the phone I broke into tears telling him how
excited I was for him, after he told me to stop crying because it was weird
he took a second and thanked me for telling him about it.
Then I thought about what Global Citizen Year was, not only is it impacting
me, it’s directly impacting my community back home. It’s made me think to
take a step back and the responsibility I have to bring my lessons to those
around me. I may be the one in India, but the blessings shouldn’t be
limited to when I’m in it’s borders.

Proud of Luke<3