The thing about life is that it somehow always plays out just the way its meant to. And its crazy to think about how little actions line up to big moments in our lives that shape us. For me, deciding to leave my home and come to Brasil was one of the roughest decisions to make, and while I spent time in the city of Curitiba, it still hadn't hit me that I was over five-thousand miles away from home. And it wasn't until today when I hopped on the bus with 17 other fellows and made our way into Floripa and Garopaba that it finally hit me that I was no longer home. But, it wasn't a sad, depressing realization but rather driving into Garopaba with half of my cohort and seeing beautiful bright houses, cows, the beach, trees and just an entire new culture, I realized that God had put me in the best moment of my life. That every doubt and hesitation was no longer important because I had arrived home. 

I now sit in my room in my new host families home and continue to be so thankful for all that has been given to me throughout the years and especially these last few weeks. As I now have two brothers. One who is a little bit younger than 2 but yet is living out his crazy two's and another who is 8 with a disability that no doctor has been able to label. Knowing that he cannot care for himself and cannot speak breaks my heart, but yet I know that this host family was given to me for a reason. 
I don't regret anything. In fact, I am thankful for being placed in this family and for knowing that I will grow so much through these next 7 months. I'm ready to take life in my own hands and look forward to experiencing this beautiful region with my fellow friends and all that I meet through this journey. Life is currently perfectly imperfect and I am so excited for this journey to continue to unravel itself.