Big Brother

Dearest Big Sister,

Today was my little host-sister’s 7thbirthday. She asked me this morning to take lots of pictures during the party she would have in the evening, so I had to walk for forty minutes in the hot, dry sun to get to Sophia’s house, so I could borrow her camera. As I walked to Sophia’s, I thought about the five little rascals I call my siblings, and all that they’ve done to me since I arrived here. I thought I’d share with you because, you see Sis, most people think that my work at the high school is the most important, most difficult, and most rewarding part of my bridge-year, but most people would be wrong. The five little lions are.

  • Pape Diouf, the 12 year-old boy, is always coming into my room and scavenging through my stuff. He asks me to buy him stuff he doesn’t deserve, and thinks that all that’s mine is his.
  • Codou, the 9 year-old girl, eats my snacks without asking.
  • Mame Diarra, the birthday girl, is always poking me and tugging at my shirt, asking me to lift her or play patty-cake or some other thing that I’m just really not interested in doing. She also makes me walk for forty minutes to get a camera. (-_-)
  • Demba, the 4 year-old boy, is nicknamed Le Petit Bandit”. He does all of the above.