Awkward Moments

I turned the corner and all of the sudden there was a wall of backs in front of me. What in the world! I thought, what are all of these people doing? I had just finished lunch at my host house and was on my way back to the Baobab Center for a Wolof lesson. Normally I would be winding my way through people resting on the street and ignoring all of the taxis that honk at me because they think white people need taxis. Today however empty cars clogged the streets. Only a few women and children were walking around. All of the men stood shoulder to shoulder in big groups on each side of the street. The only sound was the prayer being called from the mosque across the street. Then I realized it was Friday, the day all men go to pray, and therefore a completely normal occurrence. So I silently made my way through the groups of people and empty cars to the Baobab Center, feeling a little awkward and out of place. I have a feeling I will experience many more moments such as this in the months to come.