August 29

Two years ago today, I joined one of the coolest groups of people I’ve met in my life in the middle of the forest on Vancouver island. It was my first day at Pearson College. Freaking overwhelming to be honest.

Found this with the caption "Living my realistic dream life". Not quite exaggerating though…

A year ago today, I met another group people who are not any less amazing than the one I met a year before. It was the day my firsties arrived on campus. Kinda exciting this time!

Showing off my pretty (weird) roommies ❤ We just met like 5 hours ago or something but we gotta pretend we love each other for the photo.

Today…this year, I got inspired by a completely new group of people. There weren’t as man I mean I’ve been through to a UWC school before and that’s supposed to make it easier meeting new people and making new friends. I’ve done this for consecutively 2 years, should be a pro by now! Mehhh, just kidding 😐 It never gets easier actually. I always have the same fear of not being to express myself the way I want to be seen. This is the 3rd day of Global Launch, the actual beginning of my new journey after spending 2 years fighting the IB and hanging out with the groups of people I mentioned above. It feels…different. It’s not the fact that most of these people are Americans though or…it’s maybe that😶 Anyway, I just want to share that today is a special day for me. It’s been the introduction of my transformative experiences for the past two years and I kinda hope that it’s the sign of another wonderful experience full of lessons that help me grow and get stronger. Ohhh, almost forgot that we had a talent show tonight. kinda reminds me of musical cafe at Pearson. I participated with the other UWC students doing a lil bit of Bollywood dance, Gumboots, and Huka. Was kinda messy because we prepared it for like 15 minutes just like how the IB students did their IAs and EEs  (or was it only me who did that?!) 

I don’t want to give the assumption to this Global Launch before it’s actually done so I’ll get back and talk about it later or not talk about it at all… I mean y’all probably know really well how lazy I am. Thanks for subscribing this blog so that I can share/complain about this bridge year experiences with you. I swear I tried to blog or write a journal many times in my life and I always gave up before a week but this is kinda required by the program. I’m gonna try my best to keep this one going (hopefully) interestingly. 

After all, thanks to Timehop for reminding me what happened on August 29 in the past years… And you know what?! It’s also Michael Jackson and Liam Payne’s birthday!! I just knew that!!

Sincerely (don’t know how to finish this)


P.S. To all my babies at Pearson… I miss you guys so much! Hope the coming year at Pearson is as amazing as when I was there 😉