At Peace with Clichés

[image: image.png]

It’s the intricacies in the ways our minds process the world. The
mannerisms that you can’t express to other people, because your circuit is
way too personal to be articulated, and you could never do it justice. But,
more beautiful than being able to express your own peculiarities is when
someone else does it for you, in return giving you relief and permission to
validate your own ideas.

I always have the moments where my brain clicks and an “oh” escapes without
permission from my mind, revealing my unlocked concept to the world. But,
what captured me before I could ever consciously admit that I had “figured
something out,” was my obsession with appearing cliché. Then, on a– and
this isn’t even to prove a point–beautiful, sunny day with the waves
crashing onto a Brazilian beach, during a casual talk about every aspect of
life with my host mom whom with I just so happen to share a name, I
confessed that I never said much about or celebrated my growth or my “boas
ideias,” specifically in relation to my gap years for fear of sounding
mechanical, like I was just satisfying another type of pattern. Like
“seeking another path” and “finding out what’s important” were too cliché,
almost developing a new, inverse-type of cliché.

Among discussing universal generational gaps and cravings to learn beyond
the classroom, she said, “Não é clichê quando você está vivendo uma
experiência transformadora–” It isn’t cliché when you’re living a
transformative experience. Of course, when I tried to confirm what she
said, she didn’t remember her wording exactly, as the most incredible
pieces of advice never seem to be remembered by those who gave them.