Another blog

Hey guys,
First, Thank you for following this email blog type of thingy!
However, to be honest, I have been increasingly annoyed by this format as it does not allow me to include as many pictures as I would like to or format everything as nicely. So, I decided to create my own personal blog with wordpress. Now, the two blogs won’t be exactly the same, more personal and UWC related reflections will be sent out via this blog email thing. If you do not want to read more, that is absolutely fine. If you, however, enjoyed the posts which were more about Ecuador in general (for example, the one in which I described what I though was strange about Ecuador), you might be interested in checking out my own blog. Those blog posts will also feature more pictures and more nicely formatted blogs overall. For example, my most recent one about everything surrounding Ecuadorian will only be featured on there because I can include all the necessary pictures. Here is the link:
Thanks and hasta luego!