Another Adventure

On August 31, 2019, I will be heading off to Brazil, officially beginning my Global Citizen Bridge Year. This year promises to be one of change and growth, and although this will be my second time being away from home, changing, and growing it doesn’t feel any less daunting. 

This week at Global Launch I felt numb. Mostly because it takes me ages to process my emotions but also because I was in limbo. I was in between understanding the emotions I felt leaving UWC and saying goodbye to some of my dearest friends, my summer at home with friends and family, and 8 months of the unknown future.

On the other hand, as much as the unknown is scary, I LOVE IT! I love not knowing what to expect from my host family, from my apprenticeship, from my community, and from myself. I am extremely excited about the year to come. I am excited to get some sleep, to actually be fluent in a language, to dance samba, practice capoeira, and to meet more new people who I will hate to leave at the end of this all. 

Buuutttt…Here are a few things I do know in a sea of unknowns: I will be living near a beach with a single mom and her daughter, (so I will be having lots of girl time).  My apprenticeship is in a municipal park and conservation unit, created in 1981. I will be maintaining a nursery of seedlings of trees native to the Atlantic Forest, maintaining trails, doing environmental education and office-related tasks, which may include eventual field trips to other conservation units. 

There are so many great learning opportunities in my apprenticeship and homestay and in my surrounding community as well.  I love being a Global Citizen!!!!!!!!!!

Also, If you are reading this and you contributed to my fundraising campaign, thanks a million, we have hit our target! And thank you to my loved ones for your unwavering support on my journey to take the road less traveled. I love you all immensely. 

Here are some pictures:

Touring the city

Me at Stanford

My Brazil Cohort