Animal Biographies

A quick update before I get to the main point of the blog: my job at the farm is wonderful! My legs are sore from biking there, but it is good exercise. I cooked Senegalese food for my family (by myself) recently ‰ÛÒ they told me it was good, then covered everything in lemon juice‰Û_ so it will get better, I hope. Of course, I had a great visit with my sister who was here for a few days, but you will hear more about that soon.

I don’t know how many times I will have to learn this lesson before it sticks, but it’s all about attitude. Choosing to focus on what’s good and doing things instead of just complaining has helped me a lot. Overall, January has been a much happier month than December, and I would say that I am definitely enjoying my time in Senegal.

But on to what I actually wanted to write about‰Û_ the members of my house that don’t often get mentioned. They had no names, so I gave them some, and would like to share a few of them with you.

Hansel and Gretel

These young twins, about 25 in chicken years, were born around October. They refuse to do anything by themselves ‰ÛÒ you will never see one without the other. They are always getting into trouble and their favorite pastime is sneaking into the den of our house to nibble at whatever food they can find. It is this constant stealing things they shouldn’t eat that has earned them the names Hansel” and “Gretel”.