And. A new life starts like a flash in the sky

Albamarina Nahar - Brazil

August 22, 2011

I am beyond surprised that my mentors and supporters have lead me to Global Citizen Year. I would have never thought that taking a year off was even normal. But reality gave me a slap in the face and college applications were beyond stressful. The application process was not going the way I liked it, and something told me to apply to something different, out of the norm. Once my mentor from my program Summer Search told me about GCY, my heart began to race faster than a cheetah in the forest. I was interested from day one. After the introduction session of GCY, I immediately went home and began the application. Something told me this was home. I have always loved to travel. But before traveling I have always love to help others. GCY seemed like it was the perfect fit. I chose a Gap Year, because I knew deep down I couldn’t go straight into college. People usually say senior year will be your best year, but for it was horrible. I went through problems that I would have never imagined myself going through. I felt like I needed run away, far away from my everyday life and start all over. I wanted start over in a place where no one knew me, where no one would judge me, and accept me for who I am. Global Citizen Year, is that place. Through the facebook group of the fellows of this year, I have felt a type of family love like no other. The staff has been there like no other organazation. I am so proud to be a fellow. And I cannot wait to share my stories with all of you.


Albamarina Nahar