An Unexpected Event

Last night, after finishing my french homework and talking to Erin on skype, I left the Baobab Center around seven as usual. I walked back to the Corenthin house, trying to not fall in the brown river the street turned into after the rain and was just about to walk in, when I realized the front door was open. This was very surprising since I have never seen the front door open and the rare occasion I was given a key to go out I was given specific instructions on how to make sure the door was fully locked. I cautiously peeked around the door to find the front room crowded with women reciting a prayer. The first thought that came into my mind was ‘oh no the grandmother died.’ Considering I heard her listening to Bob Sinclair, a French DJ, earlier that day this was probably not the best guess as to what was going on, at the same time she has not left her bed since I arrived.

A tad nervous and not knowing what to do, I walked out of the doorway to think of a plan which, as the sun was about to disappear and therefore make waiting outside not a good option, was to call Rachel. In the process of getting my phone I was surprised by a ‘bon soir’ and found Victoria’s host cousin standing beside me. After explaining to him what was going on he insisted that I just say bon soir and pass through.

Later that night I found out that during the months of October and May the Christian women pass a statue of the Virgin Mary from house to house each night.  This is accompanied by a gathering for prayer at the house.