An E-Mail To A Homie

A e-mail conversation stirred up between an amiga from back home and I, she asked me how Ecuador’s been. I wrote a quick little sum up of my time here-not sure why but felt like sharing it! Love this kid I sent it too by the way. Memorandum: UC Applications are due November 30th-so basically I procrastinated to submit them last year.
Hugo Santiago <>


Alejandra Gee


Oct 9 at 8:25 PM
Hey Homie:)
      Whoa your already finishing college apps? Dam-I was pretty responsible with my UC app’s but I still turned them in at the end of November haha. Props to you kid-remind me to take you out to eat to eat when I get to celebrate!
    And you want to know how I’m doing? It’s a bit tough to summarize up, but we all met up at San Francisco at this forest/camp for a few days, then we got to study at Stanford! From there we went to our respected countries (India, Ecuador, Senegal and Brazil). After the eight hour plane ride we stayed at the capital called Quito for a month were we had Spanish/Culture classes. We just ended that part of the program and now we left the capital to go to our respected host communities (basically we all split up again so I lost all the friends I made again). We all got put in different parts of the country, my friends out here were put in the Amazon Region and Napo Region, I was stationed in the Andes Region of Ecuador! It’s near the Andes Mountains which I’m going to try to hike after I do some training.
    I don’t what to say, honestly I have my bad days and I have my good days (the bad days can get REALLY bad, but f**k the good days are so amazing). Today was a pretty good day. I really think you should look into taking a year off before you go to college Ale-if not with Global Citizen Year (that’s the program I’m doing) then just on your own! I’ve learned so much just in this past month and a half-I’ve learned so much from the other kids doing the program (they’re freaking amazing-I can’t explain, just so distinct and cultivated) , from the adults we’ve been introduced too (I met a Rhodes Scholar! He won a scholarship that I’m trying to get for graduate school) and so much just by little things like having to figure out how to get back home when the bus breaks down in Quito.
    Yoh, but let me know how you’re doing homie 😀