Sammy Gachagua - Ecuador

November 8, 2012

Hola all!

Just dropping in for a checkin! I am well down here in Ecuador. I am staying at a place called Salinas, in the province of Imbabura, Ecuador. This is one of the few places thats inhabited by Afro-Ecuadorians. This place is full of culture, which dates all the way back to the slaverly period. I have a family, which consists of my mother, father and 3 boys, making me the fourth boy. My dad is a petroleum truck driver. He comes home every two weeks. My mom works on a chiken ranch at night three days a week. I work in two communities, teaching english, computers, helping with Dance Therapy and working with youth on matters such as sex ed, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Since I have arrived here, my attention has been brought to me of the things that I otherwise never thought of. One day for example, I went to the dance therapy session and I was introduced to everyone in the class. During lunch, I started conversing with one of the men in the class, getting to know each other and what not. As I was teling him that I come from Kenya, he started explaining how we all are the same, as we have the same sun. I started pondering that, but the man went ahead eating like he said nothing. This is the kind of lesson I get everyday.

Work aside, I have been having fun too. I have been making friends, although the very first question that every one asks you is “Tiene Novio?” (do you have a boy/girlfriend?)  Also, I went to some natural hotsprings (if you visit Ecuador, you might have a chance of going) and I am getting closer and closer to my family.

So what do you think of all this?


Last Piece, some people are asking my Mailing address which is

Samuel Gachagua C/O Global Citizen Year Ecuador

Hernando de la Cruz N31-37 y Mariana de Jesús | Quito, Ecuador

Sammy Gachagua