Algae Bloom

If you had the opportunity to live, learn, and breath the air of another
people, culture, family and country, would you? So, here I am. Here I am
taking in this world as the moments pass. I sit here with Yolanda,
Domenicha and myself in a car in a city called Ibarra while the spacious
world operates in a fashion foreign to me. This space leads me to question,
to wonder, to hold myself accountable for the strengths and bias I carry.
May we dip our toes in this earth, root, rise and sprout. There is a type
of algae that its full color, full vibrancy is only revealed when disturbed
or agitated. Much like this experience, there is turbulence, there is
agitation of the soul, though through this something will sprout, something
will be revealed. This uncomfortability and ambiguity comes with great
honor. The grand honor to strip myself bare of any insecurities while
immerging a more empowered and tender version of myself. A more liberated
and resilient version of myself. A more honest and motivated version of
myself. A more globally known and culturally aware version of myself. There
is meaning behind this suffering and there is meaning behind this journey.