Aidan In Ecuador: The Reality

Aidan Holloway-Bidwell - Ecuador

December 4, 2012

Many are wondering: “What does Aidan do in Ecuador on a daily basis? We’ve read his ingenious bog posts and seen his jaw droppingly spectacular photos on facebook, but who is the man behind the myth?”

Wonder no more, for included in this blog post is a riveting chronicle of a day in the life of Aidan Holloway-Bidwell. These photos follow the events of Tuesday, November 13, 2012. I also made a short video of footage I took during the previous day, which you can see here. You’ll see English classes, meals with my family, and a lot of the town of Los Bancos.


For the most important meal of the day: some fruit, eggs, and yogurt. At this time, around 7:20, my family and I are all eating together as my host brothers and sister head off to school in their uniforms.

At 8:00 every Tuesday and Friday morning I have Spanish class with Graham Collins. Class takes place in my house in Los Bancos.

After class I head in to the Municipality in central Los Bancos, where I have varying jobs. This Tuesday I worked on the designs for my pollution and recycling presentation.

I head back home at about 1:00 and eat lunch that Sonia has usually left in the fridge, or scrounge up something myself.

After lunch I take a power nap to prepare for teaching English to dozens of little kids! And some big ones too.

3:00 to 5:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays I teach English to preteens, and then teenagers, with Abby Lindsay. They love learning the words and meanings to American pop tunes.

After relaxing from work a bit with the family we eat dinner around 8:00 or 9:00. Usually a tasty soup with bread from the panaderia plenty of fruits and vegetables on the side.

Soon after dinner I head to my room, read a bit, then set my alarm and hit the sack.

Hope you enjoyed seeing an average day in my life here in Ecuador! If you have any questions or want photos of anything (or anyone) in particular, please comment below and I’ll snap some more!


Aidan Holloway-Bidwell