About to Leave . . .

Skyler Narotsky - Ecuador

August 27, 2015

It's four in the morning and the shuttle leaves to take us to the airport in an hour. The Senegal cohort has already left to catch their flight and the rest of us are just sitting around playing games and chatting about the   events to come. To be completely honest,  as far as I know I am the only fellow who doesn't feel nervous. I'm ready. I'm completely ready. All I have been saying for the past four months since I got accepted to the program is, "let's go." I now pass through my final hour before embarking on the adventure called life. I have no more apprehensions, no more reservations, and no more nostalgia. I know that at the end of today, there will be a bed waiting for me in a hostel in the north of Quito, Ecuador. That is where I want to be and that is where I am going. Let's go.

Skyler Narotsky