A Statement on Fear

My error was fear of error, was silence, was numbing myself and convincing
myself that the shadow of existence I was living as was who I was supposed
to be.
(frozen, terrified of failing, voiceless)
Until one day, I wasn’t.
And it didn’t happen right away, either. It happened in little moments that
forced me to be brave and reclaim who I was. It happened little by little
when I found help. When I spent time with people who saw me, pain and fear
and all, and yet loved me just the same. But I had to work for it, too,
stumble, stutter, cry for it. & I had to be honest with myself, the kind of
honesty that hurts.
But then it did happen. It happened so fast, I didn’t notice the fear
& I made many mistakes on the way, and I’ll make more in the future, but
now I know that life isn’t a perfect circle. It can’t be, and that’s okay.
Error is something I’ve learned to embrace.
And I’m not afraid.

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