a night for Los Patojos.

It takes only one idea, progressing from the mind, through the mouth, to the masses, and into reality, to bring about a revolution. The realization of just one idea can usher in the dawn of a world-wide change.

In the year of 1660 the Museo del Libro de Antigua harbored in its walls the first printing press in all of Central America. In a time of archaic thinking, when evils preyed more than ever on the ignorance of the public, the printing press lent itself to the masses as a foundation of enlightenment. Through this one machine, the rapid transference of progressive ideas led to a movement of change. Here and around the world, the spread of impassioned and inventive thinking evolved into action. the opportunity the printing press provided, for knowledge, for equity, for progress, fueled a desire for social improvement- and from this weapon against ignorance, an imprint upon history was made, and the world was ever-changed.

Now, 449 years later, Guatemala may bear witness to the beginnings of a new revolution. On November 13th, within the very same walls of the Museo del Libro, where stands the first machine brought to facilitate a new sense of awareness, Los Patojos hosted its first benefit, with the very same objective.

What a beautiful, bright moment the event made for.

Surrounded by the results of Juan Pablos inspiration, the craftwork of engaged hands, both from the Women’ s cooperative, and the children enrolled in Los Patojos, we shared the night amongst the treasures of fostered gifts. We came together to appreciate the result of three and a half years of steadfast work, and to support the continued success of such unique and noble efforts.

It was a night to celebrate the fruition of ideals- the young minds that have expanded, empowered, emboldened themselves to be proud to be an individual, the hope for nourishing a need for peace in a torn community, the recognition of potential, of spirit, of passion within every person that crosses the threshold of Los Patojos. It was a night to pay tribute to the humble beginnings of a growing movement, to thank those who have had faith in the organizations power to create a difference in the lives of those for whom it provides a space of security and free-thinking. And more, a night to make the presence of Los Patojos known, to put forth an invitation to join with the organization in its action against violence, oppression and social-rupture, that the movement may not end with Los Patojos, but rather has just begun.

Juan Pablo addressed his guests to reaffirm the hopes and goals of Los Patojos, to inspire support of the vision he’s created. For the purpose of instilling in the children of Guatemala a hope for a future of peace, Los Patojos is built on a foundation of encouraging the individual to recognize their ability to change the world. From this solid basis, the organization only needs the support of the public to flourish, to recognize as he has, the strength and passion that lies in the hands of youth, who are wanting and willing to build together a future of the very brightest prospects. And so we gathered on Friday to admire, appreciate and reinforce the strength of one idea, fighting to elevate the lives of youth, and reinvent their reality into something smarter, stronger, better- building ever upwards the hope and love for a new world for you, me, and everyone between.