A new beginning

After my first week in Standford with Global Citizen Year I have had many thoughts coming into my mind. Many questions about this next eight months in Ecuador. How is my life going to be? What new experiences would I live? It is inevitable for me to think about the culture that is ahead of me, literally a new whole world is opening just in front of me. Even though we share mother tongue, I hope to live a cultural shock lead by the way of living and by the way of interacting with these people. Already in a week I had the chance to meet a lot of new people. People with the same thoughts and people with different perspectives that made me open my mind. People and activities that have been challenging me and making me go into my stretch zone rather than staying at my comfort zone. I am simply really excited to take my plane and land in Quito in a whole new different context with people I barely know and with a lot of energy and enthusiasm that I bring with me.