A Minha Sorte Grande

Mary Kate Mueller - Brazil

July 16, 2012

A minha sorte grande,
Foi você cair do céu,
Minha paixão verdadeira.
Viver a emoção,
Ganhar teu coração,
Pra ser feliz a vida inteira…

Thanks to a 2012 Fellow’s great taste in Brazilian music, I’ve found Ivete Sangalo, a beautifully up-beat musician. Music has a special place in my heart, and because of the violin and guitar, music is also an active part of my life. I look forward to connecting with my future, un-known host family and friends in Brazil with the universal language of music. These words stick to me, because they remind me of the day I was accepted into Global Citizen Year. To get the idea of these lyrics, they talk about a ‘beautiful day’ that ‘fell from the sky’ with ‘true passion’, and ‘living your life happily’. Global Citizen Year is sending me to Brazil, and I feel honored to be a Fellow of this dignified group of young-adults. I dream to be an ambassador, and with this program I will be able to fulfill my dream with such passion and happiness. As I fundraise for the next couple of weeks, I look forward to raising enough money to give someone else their dream, just as GCY gave me my dream. I also look forward to the day when I can sing beautiful songs such as Ivete Sangalo’s with confident Portuguese. Oh, A minha sorte grande……

Mary Kate Mueller