A Love Letter

Dear Ecuador,

Four short months ago, I was a young traveler trying to find my calling. I’ll admit I was overwhelmed the first time we met. Your difference in lifestyle, motion and language challenged my ideal thoughts. You pushed me to stretch my comfort zone, by making sure I had to ride three buses to get to my Spanish classes, by trying new foods that may come off odd or different, and by encouraging me to gain a new stance on being independent. I know at first we fought a lot over the little stuff, but you always helped me realize how overly-emotional I was being.

The quote, “Beauty is not only on the outside, but in the inside as well,” tends to describe how I feel about you. At first, your beauty is breathtaking just by the way the light travels over your features and the good health that seems to flourish through you is contagious. Then, the  people lives you have touched are so generous, grateful, cheerful, diligent and pure. They truly live by your saying, “Ama la Vida.”

Since, your first appearance into my life you have taught me to be present in the moment, instead of trying to capture it. You brought me back to my roots, while disposing of all the weeds that had infested my initial grounding. The past four months bear much laughter, love, lessons, and overall rawness. You have not hidden your flaws from me, but have exposed them to be seen as gifts. However, I know I need to be more present, so we both come out of the relationship accomplished. Ecuador you have not only captured my interest, but also my heart.

I see myself falling in your trance farther and farther every day but, now I find myself not trying to stop it. I can not accept the day where I will not wake up to you. Although, that day seems to be coming faster and faster. We only have three more months to continue our affair , but I know the love I am building for you will have no boundaries for the future.

Yours Truly,

Elena Doss