A List of Firsts:

-First time in a Portuguese-speaking country

-First time living with a host family

-First time living near the ocean and mountains

-First time living on an island

-First time with a sister

-First time trying: farofa, pastels, chimarrĂ£o, acai, brigadeiros, goiaba,
yucca, etc.

-First time going to a club and dancing to funk

-First time surfing

-First time white water rafting

-First time traveling by myself

-First time using public transportation

-First Carnival

-First Christmas at the beach

-First time away from home for more than 3 weeks

-First Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years away from home

-First protest and presidential election abroad

-First time working at a non-profit

-First second language

-First forro club

-First time being able to dance

-First time seeing the ocean every day

-First time working with the homeless population

-First time thinking 70 degrees(23 Celsius) is cold

-First time playing maracatu

-First time in Brazil

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