A healthy mind

[image: IMG_7200.jpg]
[image: IMG_7118.jpg]
This past year has been rough, on my journey of slef care and healing, i
continue doing things i love, and want for my future. Working hands on and
learning more about my dream job. Working on controlling, and understanding
what i need for a healthy mind. Capturing natures beauty, with my mind or
camera. This adventure in Senegal has had its challenges and sometimes it
has been so difficult, i thought about giving up and returning home, but
being here has also helped me to open my eyes to see my whole self, as well
as this grand earth we know so little about. I now love myself in a way I
have never approached. I now appreciate the life i have lived, and the
blessings i now have. I appreciate the way nature constantly puts a smile
on my face, and bombards my mind full of wonder and curiosity. I am happy
with the time I’ve been here, and even though my adventure here, in
Senegal, is coming to an end, I know a new one will be waiting for me. I hope
you enjoy this photo i took of an Ostrich, and its foot.