A Good Conversation

I came to Ecuador with the impression that there was immediately going to be room since I was going to be doing service work. How can I not automatically be included and super intergrated in my community if it was my given location, they would automatically take me in since I was ready to learn and was free help ready to complete mundane tasks. However, time and day “schedules” structures quickly became a challenge for me. I had heard about “ecuatime” and how time management works very differently from the way I managed my time in high school. Obviously, I had expections, an idea of what that looked like in my head lots of down time at work , that I could easily fill in with lots of personal improvement activities. I was planning to work on that clashed with the way things actually work My apprenticeship was farming and my host mom was my supervisor which to me, made me set expectations that there would be a set location where we would work. Automatically she would tell me what to do and then naturally with my down time I would read the hundreds of books and do all of that self improvement However, there was none of that. For a while, I would wake up in the morning and have no idea what my day would look like which depending on the day was a good thing but for most days ( randomness of my days post ) -Day I went to a protest for dropping milk prices/ roasted guinea pigs / cut grass -Day i was invited to help kill a cow and ended up painting in a strangers home – Day spent ( evolution of relationship with host bro hugo)