A Glimpse Into The Life

To my family and friends I am sorry if I am not able to describe my experience here in Senegal so far. It’s been crazy, fun, absurd, difficult, and amazing all wrapped up into three incredibly short weeks. Just know that we are were we are supposed to be and we may not know the meaning behind it yet, but it’s all part of the process. Tomorrow we head off into our new homestay’s where we will be living for 6 months. This next step is the one that we’ve been waiting, it’s the one that all the alums talk about and the one where the most growth and inspiration come, but I think every step of this process is important and I wanted to give you a glimpse into our experience so far. It’s been full of new languages and speak ups, and stories, and new insights from every vital member of our group. It’s been full of many crazy adventures, too many to put into this blog post. Most importantly it’s been full of people, fellow fellows, host families, and strangers on the street that have challenged us and welcomed us. This is just the first step, just the beginning of an amazing journey and I am glad that I have this funny, insightful, and weird group of fellow fellows along side me the whole way. So here is a short video, a tiny glimpse into the lives of the 2016 Senegal Cohort during our time in Dakar.