A for Adaptability

Chloe Stoddard - India

February 23, 2017

I have noticed small changes in myself from time to time. One of the little changes that I have noticed is how I write the letter “a” now as opposed to how I wrote it at the beginning of the year. The change started when I would write on the board for my students and find them staring at the board puzzled asking, “didi, what is that letter?” while pointing to my typewriter style “a”. As I began to write in a more recognizable way for my students my everyday writing also changed. I know write a normal “a” as opposed to a typewriter “a”. I realized that similar circumstances also have changed how I act and has made me realize that one of the most beautiful things about this experience is that you leave as a more adaptable and versatile person. Although I am a very strong willed person and know what I believe, I also realize the importance of meeting someone in the middle and that’s where adaptability and versatility play a vital role. As I look back on how India has molded me in new ways these past months I acknowledge that at many times it was difficult but also rewarding. Now, whenever I write my new letter “a” I will always remember my students who called me their didi and to me that is wonderful.

Chloe Stoddard