A Few Words About Words


Letters together to form sounds in which we add intonation to drive our meaning- to show feeling.

We are here in a place where the words you know are neither heard nor said- so you scream them- left with only you to hear the voice in your head.

It’s time to take the time to know your voice.

When all we want to be is heard, tell me why exactly we chose to live a foreign land in which nobody speaks our language, but perhaps it’s to say what gives us voice is not the words we choose at all.

So stop‰ÛÓ and listen.

Words drenched in connotation we proceeded to dress in intonation, to create alternate meaning in these words.

And what we have created is the difference between, she’s thirsty and she’s thirsty 😉

These words.

To which we add emphasis, to what we think will clarify we really want to say.

To which we add our expression. The looks on our faces. Our succession. We tell where we come from- and so many places.

Can’t sleep‰ÛÓ distract yourself with the words of other’s for so long.

Until you lie awake in a bed of words left unspoken.

So go ahead and say it. Unprompted and with out inclination of doubt.

A good friend once told me that we all are just humans and we all walk around with these weapons, that we are armed even if we don’t realize it we have the power to hurt one another. But to be vulnerable to throw your weapons on the ground and say – go ahead – it’s your turn.

Say I love you only when you truly mean it. Say what you feel when you feel it deep in your bones, and FEEL what you say when you take the courage to scream it loud.

And we will do this.

Because to hear and be heard and feel and be felt by the ones you love is all we ask for.

You’re probably wondering why I started a spoken word about saying what you feel with an antedate about how words aren’t always important. And I guess that goes to say that this world is hard enough to feel the need to read someone’s mind and if you have the ability to make your voice heard- what are you waiting for?