A Day In My Life

Josh Thompson - Ecuador

December 13, 2012


Every morning I eat breakfast (my favorite breakfast thus far has been the pancakes, french fries, rice and guinea pig combination) with this view. That’s the volcano Mt. Imbabura. It’s visible from pretty much everywhere in Pijal.

This is the home of the “Sumak Pacha” tourism organization, which I work for. It is also the house of my supervisor, Don Antonio. I meet Don Antonio here every morning. 20 or so families make up “Sumak Pacha” and my apprenticeship is working in the gardens and fields of the “Sumak Pacha” houses.

This is one of the gardens that I work in. It’s organic.We plant normal vegetables like carrots and spinach, and other plants for medicinal purposes, like Mint.

 There are also plants native to Ecuador, like the Tree Tomato (you’re not missing out on anything) or Granadilla (you are missing out on something).

Josh Thompson