A Day In My Life

Ely Kadish - Ecuador

November 28, 2012

7:00 am I wake up and begin my day


Mornings consist of helping get Valentina (the baby) dressed, cleaning my half of the room and setting the table for breakfast


8:40am I wait for my bus to come speeding down the road.. In the background I watch Volcán Imbabura peak out through the morning clouds.


9:00am I being my work at the FOCI a Community Organization for the region of Imbabura. I work in the Youth Department!


2:00pm Lunch: Meat, Rice, Potatoes, Salad and Juice… My sister comes home from High School and remains home afterwards, where my older sister and I leave for University and Work respectively


3-6pm More time in the FOCI working on that weeks projects (evaluations, videos, etc.)


6-9:30pm Babysitting Vale while her mom, my older sister, is at University… sometimes hours of crying can lead to Aunt Andrea and Aunt Ely to drastic measures…. Making her into a cat is only the beginning… le amo mi gatita (I love my little cat)


9:30pm on Vale spends time with her parents, we eat more ( of course! ) and all laugh over Telenovelas like Por Ella, Soy Eva (For her, I am Eva)

Each day is a jampacked Ecuadorian Adventure, I couldn’t be happier!



Ely Kadish