A Day in My Life

Delia Ross - Ecuador

November 26, 2012

One of our assignments for Training Block 1 is called A Day in My Life, and we have to take 5-10 pictures that describe our daily life in our community. Here is my selection of photographs of around Puerto Rico to share with you. And although they do say pictures describe a million words, here’s some descriptions of my own. (Click the pictures at the bottom to see them full.)

Picture #1: Kids in the back of a pick up truck. Classic form of transportation whenever it’s a big group of us going anywhere, no matter to some finca (farm) or into Puerto Quito or La Abundancia for a parade.

Picture #2: Motorcycling it to work. On Tuesday mornings I go to a very rural community and do house visits to work with 0-2 year old babies—we do activities with them for 30 minutes each to help with their early development. Riding a motorcycle is magical.

Picture #3: A type of soccer called indoor, played with a slightly smaller ball than regular futbol. The youth group
is playing it here, they play every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. On Sundays there are futbol games between towns, with the teenagers and adults who play on our very own Puerto Rico team. The truth is that everyone here is really good at futbol, so when I play I have to just laugh at my lack of skill.

Picture #4: Nery, my sister, and my mom taking pictures and laughing on the porch. Laughing and hanging out is a popular activity, not just by my immediate family (I have 8 siblings total, but only Nery lives at home. The others have homes of there own in Puerto Rico, or in Quito), but by all the residents of the community. Hanging out is what we do.

Picture #5: Typical Spanish class with a couple of the best girls in my life, Chloe and Ella, who live in the two surrounding towns. Patrick is our teacher, and although he doesn’t speak English, he’s quite familiar with American and European culture because teaching them (us) is his living. He even knows what No-Shave November is! It’s impressive. He’s a cool, laid-back guy and we’re learning a lot from him.

Picture #6: Monopoly Spanish-style! It cracked me up and is so typical for things like that to take up the whole afternoon. Poker has also become a popular pastime around here, they set up a table in one of the tienditas, or on our porch.

Delia Ross