A day in Florianopolis


I wakeup (unless the goats next door wake me up earlier…) and quickly have
breakfast and get dressed for work, making sure not to forget a lunch for
later in the day (I forget one more often than I’d like to admit…) and rush
out the door by 7:30AM to walk to apprenticeship nearby.


I start the day at my apprenticeship, an otter conservation site (Projeto
Lontra), by cutting up fruits, fish, and meat for the different animals we
have on site (all members of the Mustilidae family). After the animals have
been fed, I work to maintain the property by helping with compositing,
cleaning up the enclosures, cleaning up the visitor trail, or organizing
new enrichment activities for the animals.


I have a 2 hour lunch break, which I usually spend 20 minutes eating, and
the rest of the time swimming in Lagoa do Peri right behind where I work.


I will either help by working in the permaculture garden, or continuing
with an activity I had started earlier in the day. Later on in the
afternoon, visitors will come by and I help in showing people around and
explaining the site!


I usually head home unless extra help is needed. For the rest of the day
I’ll either meet up with a friend in town and do a hike or grab some açai,
head to the beach near my house with coworkers, or stay in with my host
family and watch some TV.


I head to bed with a fan about two feet away from my face, because
Florianopolis gets reallyyyyy hot.

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